Monday, May 8, 2017


“唯独圣经”是宗教改革5大唯独之一,这是一个伟大的口号,但内容是什么?或许许多人望文生意,并为其他人扣帽子。以下这段文字,取自Krister Stendahl主教的著名文章《使徒保罗与西方的内省良心》(The Apostle Paul & the Introspective Conscience of the West)。这段文字正好说明我们是多么容易把自己的意思读进圣经内。


The Reformers' interpretation of Paul rests on an analogism when Pauline statements about Faith and Works, Law and Gospel, Jews and Gentiles are read in the framework of late medieval piety. The Law, the Torah, with its specific requirements of circumcision and food restrictions becomes a general principle of "legalism" in religious matters. Where Paul was concerned about the possibility for Gentiles to be included in the messianic community, his statements are now read as answers to the quest for assurance about man's salvation out of a common human predicament. (pgs 205-206)



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