Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Latest Version of Biblica is Available


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A. Moshavi: «Two Types of Argumentation Involving Rhetorical Questions in Biblical Hebrew Dialogue» pp. 32-46

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I. Kislev: «Vocabulary of the Septuagint and Literary Criticism: The Case of Numbers 27,15-23» pp. 59-67

T.M. Willis: «Blasphemy, Talion, and Chiasmus: The Marriage of Form and Content in Lev 24,13-23» pp. 68-74

Th. Booij: «Psalm 132: Zion.s Well-Being» pp. 75-83

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J. Swetnam: «Hebrews 3,5» pp. 93-100

T. Callan: «Comparison of Humans to Animals in 2 Peter 2,10b-22» pp. 101-113

Libri ad Directionem missi pp. 150-152