Monday, March 2, 2009


他们在做什么呢?上释经学时,我们被教导OIA(Observation, Interpratation, Application),就让我们尝试问一些问题吧!

1. 他们明显在读书,但这是在什么地方呢?课室?礼堂?

2. 当时大家在进行什么活动呢?上课?崇拜?

3. 如果在上课,谁在教导呢?如果在崇拜,谁在讲道呢?

4. 这是不是一个应该读书/看书的时间呢?

5. 如果不是,为什么他们看呢?

6. 他们在表达什么信息呢(Message)?


7. 哦,忽然想到一个重要的问题,不管是上课或崇拜,到底谁在拍照呢?


Kar Yong said...

Let me add....

If the author of this post is not the person taking this photograph, how would this photo ended up in his blog?

Does he obtain this photo by dubious and illegal means?

What then is his purpose of posting the photo in his blog?

What did he hope to acheive out of this...

I think I better stop somewhere .. :-)

Anonymous said...
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