Sunday, June 7, 2009

Book Review on John Ashton's "Understanding the Fourth Gospel" by Craig Koester.

John Ashton 的经典作品,Understanding the Fourth Gospel 在两年前出版了全新修订版,整理了学术界近期对这福音书的研究成果。面对《约翰福音》,不能错过这本学术性颇高的作品。Review of Biblical Literature 刚刊登了一篇书评,是由Craig Koester 执笔的,请看这里

In this fully revised new edition of a pioneering study of John's gospel, John Ashton explores fresh topics and takes account of the latest scholarly debates. Ashton argues first that the thought-world of the gospel is Jewish, not Greek, and secondly that the text is many-layered, not simple, and composed over an extended period as the evangelist responded to the changing situation of the community he was addressing. Ashton seeks to provide new and coherent answers to what Rudolf Bultmann called the two great riddles of the gospel: its position in the development of Christian thought and its central or governing idea. In arguing that the first of these should be concerned rather with Jewish thought Ashton offers a partial answer to the most important and fascinating of all the questions confronted by New Testament scholarship: how did Christianity emerge from Judaism? Bultmann's second riddle is exegetical, and concerns the message of the book. Ashton's answer highlights a generally neglected feature of the gospel's concept of revelation: its debt to Jewish apocalyptic.