Tuesday, March 23, 2010


圣诞过去,新年到来;送走了新年,我们又迎来了耶稣的受难及复活的日子。这个节期,更要求大家有更多的安静与反思的时刻。十架苦路(Stations of the Cross)这属灵操练有非常久远的历史,让人参与耶稣受难最后的时刻,并所走过的路程,帮助人去默想基督的爱。若有机会,希望能在教会带领弟兄姐妹走一趟。

Alex Tang在其部落格刊登了一些反思,我会尽量在此转载。

Jesus has willingly embraced the cross, but His physical body was weak from lack of sleep, from the pressures of arrest and trial, and from torture and beating.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Jesus say, Yes, but His holy body hesitated and He fell to His knees, determining to rise again even in His weakness.(全文

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